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Steve Sposili- Intuitive Reader and Spiritual Healer

Steve Sposili is a life-long intuitive reader and spiritual healer. By the age of three, he was aware that he had to ability to ease or eliminate pain in himself and others. He also learned he often knew and understood people at least as well as they knew themselves. Life provided the necessary lessons and challenges that allowed him to develop the natural talents he already possessed. He has studied varies methods of reading as well as different healing modalities. This lead him to becoming a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. He has been a professional spiritual counselor (reader) and healer for over a decade. His ultimate goal is to brighten the lives of all with whom he works and intensify each person’s connection to his/her Higher Self/Consciousness. (914) 255-4705


Bill Foss – Akashic Record Readings, Past Lives, Energy Healings and Clearings

International Author, Teacher and Healer Bill Foss helps you transform and understand your life path, karma, and gifts at deep levels through his private sessions, workshops and books. Guided by spirit through years of studying the higher mind, spiritual paths from around the world, ancient cultures, healing and the arts, Bill brings through today spiritual precepts from ancient times in a clear and concise way to help you unlock “The Secrets of Spiritual Success”
with new insights and experiences from the fantastical Akashic Records. Come have a session and get a copy of “Journey to the Akashic Records” Books, CD’s, Readings and Healing Sessions available.

Phone: 714-706-0402 or 918-770-3810 / email:

Christine Nicole

Christine Nicole – Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Advisor

Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the Spirit and Angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details that she will share with you. She has helped many with the grieving process by connecting with loved ones who have passed. She is known for her ability to deliver messages that bring healing, closure, and a deep inner peace. She has a uniquely direct and clear style. Her straightforward and honest presentation of information is a breath of fresh air that helps you understand the details that comes forth with clarity and ease. She does not use Tarot cards or any other tools in her sessions. She is a clear channel to spirit. Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their soul purpose and life path including relationships, love, family, career or business. Christine Nicole offers Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Business Coaching, Life Advising, Matchmaking and Intuitive Kids Mentoring. She is a Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Certified Enneagram Personality Coach.

928-848-7246 /


Leslie Anne – Intuitive Practitioner

Leslie Anne is a passionate and gifted psychic, medium, healer and channeler with a clear connection to spirit. She relays images, sounds and messages from those who have crossed over, with a compassionate and gentle demeanor, making her a uniquely approachable communicator. Through Angelic Reiki (certified), energy or chakra readings, she is able to pinpoint and identify the source of blocked or slowed energy. Psychometrics (handling objects) helps create a stronger connection during her readings. Leslie Anne is a reader at the distinguished Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia and continues to broaden her wide range of senses throughout the Austin area and the U.S.

“Your Experience is my Privilege”415.271.0075

John Cain

John Cain – Psychic Medium

John’s emphasis is on reaching channeled contact, receiving whatever specific information that those in spirit need to get across to the sitter. John can be reached at

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Jennifer Morrison – Medical Intuitive / Energy Healer / Intuitive Reader

Jennifer Morrison is a Medical Intuitive Healer who works with Arch Angels / Ascended Masters to channel healing energies, messages for Adults, Children, Animals, Homes. She is a Medical Intuitive, Trans-Channel Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and more. As she works, she is able to see exactly where blocks are within the body and energy field. Then she channels messages and healing energy, which facilitates permanent release of these blocks. Jennifer is a gifted intuitive capable to seeing impacting emotions, events, connections (e.g., relationships) both in this live and past lives. So she is able to see how these impacts have already or may manifest physically. She works with Spirit to cut ties and heal these limits, allowing for abundance of health, wealth and happiness. She provides Spiritual Counseling, assisting the opening of Intuitive gifts and understanding life path.  She is capable of sensing from your intuitive perspective and gives specific guidance on how to “receive”.  She is an Animal Communicator.  Often a guest speaker – topics – Medical Intuition, Manifesting Abundance and more.  Choose from:  15 or 30-minute Intuitive Readings or Spiritual Counseling –or- 30 or 60-minute Medical Intuitive Readings / Energy Healing or Past-Life / Akashic Record Readings.   Attend her class on 4/1 Medical Medium – Identifying and Transforming Dis-ease at Raven’s Call Healing Center in Village of Oak Creek.  Register online at ~ 480-447-5960. You can also find her on Facebook at

Spider Woman

Spider Woman Therapies – Shamanic Healer and Psychic Medium

Who I am: I am a shamanic healer who was gifted the medicine of Grandmother Spider to help people heal. I am a facilitator who helps you heal yourself through the magic of the Shamanic Arts, as well as other gifts. I am a strong intuitive, clairvoyant (seeing), clairvaudient (hearing), as well as an extremely strong empath (feeling). I was a gifted child, and honed my skills in Florida, Sedona, as well as Tucson (we never stop learning). I see and feel auras, spirit guides, and can even sometimes communicate with those who have passed on who have messages for us. What I am offering: I will begin my clearing away the negative energy you are holding on to, then I align and open up each individual chakra. As I go about doing this, I am led to move my hands to the areas on your body that needs the most work. I get messages in as to what is the root of the cause of your dis-ease, and I share these with you, letting you know how to change things. I help you to understand and release why you feel stuck. All throughout, I am doing energy work on you and helping you to understand what is happening. I am very big on teaching, not just doing. At the end of each session I will answer any questions you have, and you may choose an oracle card to read if you wish. 310.968.4325 /  / 


Fred and Amber Osborn – Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Readings

Debbie “Amber” Osborn is a Certified Psychic/Medium and a Certified Intuitive Consultant. She has received the coveted certification by the Holistic Studies Institute. She conducts private sessions and seances currently in Arizona. She is available both in person in Arizona (within 31 miles) or by phone, or Skype anywhere in the U.S. Most of her readings are referrals from clients! Find out why! She is an Empathic, Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and an Energy/Spiritual Healer with years of experience. Working with the light and a gentle, compassionate energy, she connects you with your loved ones and spirit guides on the other side to bring healing, comfort, and closure. Her guides connect with your loved ones and guides to bring through insight, guidance, and answers to your life questions. Her clients leave her sessions with hope, guidance, and clarity. Please write down your questions before coming to your reading. Also, bring an article for her to hold so she can use psychometry to tune into your vibrations while doing your reading. Something only you have worn please. Come with an open mind and you’ll see magic take place.

Fred Osborn, Regression Therapist, Author, Lecturer, Mentalist(Dred)
Debbie “Amber” Osborn, Psychic Medium
(928) 202-3759 /

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Eric Lindemer – Massage Therapist and Energy Healer

Eric Lindemer, LMT, has had an interest in the mystical, healing, and spiritual realms since childhood. From an early age he studied dance, gymnastics, and music, and began practicing chanting and meditation as a teenager. He danced professionally with American Ballet Theatre and Boston Ballet, during which time he relied on massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and energy healing to keep him performing at his best. These experiences inspired him to pursue his path of studying, practicing, and eventually teaching the healing arts. In addition to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, Eric has been trained in many forms of energy healing and has studied with modern masters including Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden, and Brugh Joy, MD. He has taught movement and healing arts at institutions throughout the U.S. including Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Centers for Spiritual Living in Oklahoma and Florida, Harvard University, and the Sedona Creative Life Center. His sessions at the Psychic Fair offer a synergistic combination of physical bodywork and energy healing to promote relaxation, healing, and spiritual expansion, custom tailored to each client’s needs and wishes. For more information visit:

ETSY Dale O'Dell Photography portrait

Dale O’Dell – Metaphysical Art

Dale is a fine artist who specializes in photographic and digital artwork.  Widely known as a Surrealist, critics have called him ‘the 21st century’s Salvador Dali.’  His surrealist works are mysterious, symbolic, psychological, and dreamlike.  Dale also works in abstract-expressionism, he creates digital Mandalas in the ancient Indian style and he produces beautiful, straightforward landscape photography.  This is a rare opportunity to obtain original artworks, direct from the artist himself!  Works on paper, original photography & digital art, books, cards, mandala clocks & plaques are all available for purchase.



Martha Reed – Tarot Reader

Martha is an “Intuitive” Tarot reader and brings years of experience and study to her readings. She is a member of the American Tarot Association and provides readings on their Free Reading Network and Free Tarot Network. She uses various intuitive abilities, including clairsentience (clear-feeling) and claircognizance (clear-knowing), to interpret the cards. Each card has a many possible meanings, some of which are not found in any book and her intuition tells her the right meaning for the client and the situation at hand. At times the cards are simply a trigger and the reading is almost completely intuition at work.


Michelle Dolores – Psychic/Intuitive/Empath

Michelle compassionately shares precise channeled messages about relationships, career, business, finances and more. With documented accuracy, she zero’s in on past, current and future circumstances and timelines by utilizing her clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (knowing), clairvoyant (seeing), and clairsentient (feeling) ability. Helping and supporting her clients is her top priority. As she accesses information, she describes her visions, all while providing guidance and intuitive insight. Sometimes she will use tools such as tarot, angel cards, pendulum dowsing and psychometry. Michelle embraces the opportunity to help guide you to a better understanding of self and life.


Bob Jerome photo

Bob the Psychic – Tarot and Angel Card Readings

Bob The Psychic shares his gift of helping people connect to their future by reading Tarot and Angel Cards. These messages from Spirit are designed to help you clarify life’s challenges. Along with the use of the cards, Bob has the ability to channel. With this special gift, you will hear directly from Bob’s guide who will speak to you messages of love and comfort. Among Bob’s most proud achievements was being asked to participate in the “Best American Psychics” website which required the testing of his psychic abilities and a commitment to honesty and integrity in all of his work. Bob The Psychic appears at many events across the Phoenix Area including the Arizona Renaissance Festival and participates each month at the Phoenix First Friday Artwalk near the corner of 4th Street and Roosevelt. Bob is most often asked about relationships and finances by clients who will tell you his readings are direct, concise, and suggestively helpful.

My email address is

My telephone number is 602-325-3101

Please “friend” my Facebook Page:

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Rev. Barbie Edwards – Harps

The angels brought the idea for the beautiful harps through me years ago.
The harps are a bridge to spirit that allows us to shift out of our judging minds back to our true selves that remember that love and grace are all around us if only we have the eyes to see. Enter into this world of ease as often as you like by simply strumming one of these beautiful harps. Feel the relaxation flowing through your body as the tones and vibrations against your body create coherency at a cellular level and bring harmony back into your consciousness. These beautiful sounds bring forth the beauty of the heavenly realms. They will transport you home and you will find you are always welcom
Rev. Barbie Edwards
Barbie Portraitsig copy As an internationally known Angel presenter, minister, counselor, expo presenter, harpist, singer, and sound therapist, Barbie has had many opportunities to support the work of the angels. Her beautiful voice enchants her workshops and her meditations on the archangels will lift you to the heavens.
Barbie was on the Connie Chung CBS Angel special, ABC News, Wisdom Television and numerous other television and radio shows as she appeared at expos, churches, and events all over the country for the last 20 years.
Barbie Edwards, noted lap harpist and vocalist, has recorded with internationally known violinist Tony Selvage and flutist Richard Tibbitts. She has played at many community events and national expos for many well-known authors including Ken Carey, Alan Cohen, Sharon Forrester, Timothy and Ama Daniels, Virgil Armstrong, Peter Caddy, and Terry Lynn Taylor. She has been heavily involved in the New Age music community for the last twenty years. Her music is used in hospitals and chiropractic offices for stress reduction and healing. Her beautiful Angelic tones fill a room with peace. She has specific harps tuned to bring in earth flavors, oriental nuances, chakra balances, and angelic frequencies.
Barbie has produced eight lovely ethereal healing CDs for stress reduction and relaxation. In Listen with your Heart which is her latest CD, it helps those who wish to experience both harp tunings to feel healing balances or to provide music to play along with as new harp owners are learning to play their own harp.


Sharon McGuire – Just Sharon

“Just Shar-on”

“Just”- The undefineable /Defineable aspects that make each of us unique and special

Shar-on- sharing on the messages.

*Awakened   *Intuitive   *Messenger

*Energetic Healer  *Spiritual Guidance

Shar-on is an Awakened Intuitive Messenger sent by God to give (thousands of) messages to psychics, healers, and people from all walks of life.

“Knowing” is her greatest gift.  The message/s she receives are associated with a wave or burst of energy through Sharon’s body to which she will exclaim “God Bless”, which is her confirmation of a Divine Message being received.

A session with Shar-on is uniquely tailored to you and your needs.  She is extremely Intuitive, working with 10 Healing teams to provide you with the Energetic Healing you need.

Come get the Clarity you seek, your Faith restored, tools to Empower your journey and so much more.

Sharon can be reached thru text/phone 734.331.7772. Email: or web:

jyl weeks

Natures Jewelry Designs

Natures Jewelry Designs is a husband and wife company. They both have always loved rock hunting and being outside hiking or 4 wheeling. The husband always wanted to learn how to work with stones to create and turn the gem stones into cabochons. While, the wife since early childhood was gifted with the abilities of clairvoyant, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance. She is also an herbalist, a web and graphic designer, and a Reiki Master. They were able to combine their passions and talents into the business of intuitive healing Reiki jewelry making.

Natures Jewelry Designs collection offers unique handmade natural healing and Intention gemstone and beaded jewelry inspired by love, spirit, and nature. It helps the wearer attain a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being while strengthening your energy field .

We combined our love of jewelry, spirituality, rock hunting and art to create a one-of-a-kind pieces, created just for you. You will find lots of wire wrapped pendants, gem stone beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. We combine gemstones with Swarovski Crystals to diffuse negative energy. Every gemstone has its own properties and vibrations along with healing benefits, we create our jewelry to enhance the stone’s natural beauty and spiritual power. After each piece is finished, it is infused with Reiki healing and unconditional love and prayer. / 623-810-7363 /


Angel Lightfeather – Aura Photos

Angel Lightfeather is an author, spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker and Divine Healer. Angel teaches Divine Healing and Miracles WorkShops throughout the world. She has been called a healers healer and has been featured in The New York Times, The Travel Channel UK and in a full length movie in Japan as an authenticated psychic. Her articles about angels have been featured on MSN Japan, Four Corners Magazine and many wonderful websites throughout the world. Contact Angel at (928) 451-1222 


Marcella Welch – Soul Level Animal Communication

Marcella is an Animal Intuitive, Reiki Master, and Gifted Healer. She believes that animals are our teachers and are in our lives for specific reasons, that of helping us to learn and grow. They are our “Guru Animals”. By connecting with your animal on a deeper, Soul Level, she is able to get information from them about their purpose in your life, what lessons they are helping you to learn, and how they are assisting you. Her mission is to assist each person in achieving an enriched connection with their Guru Animals. Marcella is Certified in Soul Level Animal Communication – Level 4, with the Danielle Mackinnon School of Animal Communication.

email –   phone – 1 – 847 – 886 – 9352  website –

facebook –

thumbnail_elizabeth picture

Elizabeth Bishop – Performance Poet, Writer, and Visionary Artist

Elizabeth Bishop has a doctorate in Ethnic studies and Native American studies from Bowling State University in Bowling Green Ohio. She is currently hard at work on a second doctorate in Women and Spirituality from Center for Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. She turns out two books of poetry a month and writes incessantly and with great joy and celebration. Elizabeth has a counseling degree from Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire and enjoys using her intuitive skills to assist in matching people with their heartfelt soulmates. She also coaches people in how to best assess their vocational skills so that those individuals can find the jobs that would bring out their skills in the best way possible. For many years, Elizabeth worked in The Lighthouse Bookstore in Boulder, Colorado as an intuitive counselor and educational consultant.


Sunny Moosesteps – Certified Spiritual Medium

“Sunny Moosesteps” is a Shaman practitioner who connects with her Native American Guides, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides, Spirits of Ancient Healers, Spirits of Nature, Animals and Plants. She also sees and speaks with loved ones who have crossed over to the Spiritual Realm. Sunny’s father was a Dowser and he taught her life lessons of the Oneness Spiritual connection through nature. Sunny has been clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since early childhood. She has developed her intuitive and healing skills as a registered Spiritual Minister, a certified Usui Reiki Master, a certified Karuna Reiki Master, and a certified Spiritual Medium. Sunny is now available for message connecting at Mountain Spirit Co-op Messages that Sunny receives for you may help you with life situations and decisions. Learn who your Animal totems are and how they relate to your personal strengths. Learn your Spiritual Path and where you are on your path. For appointment call 570-660-5591 or find her at the Sedona Psychic Fair.


Linda Summers – Healing Angel and Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

Enter the realm of the angels to clear, re-align and uplift your energy during an Angel and Tarot Card Reading with Linda Summers a natural Intuitive and Reiki Om Master Teacher with special connections in the angelic realms and with ascended masters in spirit and in India. The Three in One Reading she will be doing for you includes ~

  • Intuitive Reading with Angel and Tarot Cards
  • Energy Clearing with a Reiki touch in the presence of a large Amethyst geode
  • Soul Activation into a Higher Vibration of Light

Linda’s clients say her Readings truly make a difference in their lives. She also previously led seekers on Journeys of Awakening for many years in the beauty and mystery of Sedona’s vortex energies. She truly loves being part of life-changing experiences in the beauty and activating energy of Sedona. Her transformational book Universe Calling! Magical Vortex Journeys in Sedona can facilitate your own spiritual journey through Linda’s early connections with Native American people, Sedona and some of the spiritual adventures of people from all over the world who have journeyed with her on their quests of awakening. 928-899-3772

Sarah Rose Headshot

Sarah Gibbons – Reiki Master and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

The Earth Herself is changing into a more positive and wholehearted world to live in.  People now have the choice to join her and ascend to a higher path and purpose.  Sarah Gibbons’ work is to intuitively guide and help heal those who make that choice to grow to their best heights yet.

Using Reiki and Access Consciousness Bars®, she helps them release lifetimes of limitations and heal mind, body, and spirit. Her Ascension Readings are an opportunity for them to receive spiritual guidance directly from their support teams of their Divine Selves, Angels, and Guides and help them in making life choices and changes that support their highest interests.


Linda West – Psychic Medium

Linda West, MA, Spiritual Adviser, Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Linda holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysics and Angel Reader. Linda is the author of the acclaimed book, 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels and is the Radio Show Host of Empowered Life with Linda West, Thursdays, 11am PST on BlogTalk Radio. She is Co-CEO of her corporation, Love My Youth Inc, a line of natural youthing products for face and eyes.

Linda West is an internationally recognized spiritual adviser, author, psychic medium and motivational speaker. Linda has a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics. Her intuitive insights have empowered thousands of people to understand how their spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies work together to create individual empowerment. Linda is the author of the acclaimed book, 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels and is the Radio Show Host of Empowered Life with Linda West, Thursdays, 11am MST on Blog Talk Radio. Linda is an entrepreneur and owner and co-CEO of Love My Youth Inc., a line of natural youthing products for face and eyes, Love My Youth lotion and eye cream can be purchased at .

Linda West, MA, CATP, Metaphysician


Suzanne Gonzalez –Reiki Master Teacher

I am a Sixth Generation Reiki Master Teacher and all around energy worker.  With every beat of our heart we are reminded that we are energetic beings.  Giving our bodies Reiki energy enhances every aspect of our wellbeing.  Cranial Sacral rhythm can be found just as easily as our pulse.  Connecting into this rhythm gives our bodies permission to line itself up to its optimal alignment; free from physical adjustments.  Cranial Neural balances out the brain and addresses all neurological issues and age-related concerns.  Having ourselves lined up and energetically treated, the only thing left is to cut the chords to the Past which allows us to open a bright new future.  We lived our past.  There’s no need to relive it or be held back by it or by any aspect we may have inherited from our parents.  Cord Cutting, it’s an energetic cleansing that brings us back to the pure essence of Who We Are!


Anna Simon – Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher/Clairvoyant/Author/Energy Practitioner

Anna has been a naturally gifted Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher for nearly 25 years. She talks directly to your Angels and Guides. She is uncannily accurate with names, dates, details in her readings. Listed #11 for the 2015-2016 as The Best Metaphysical Teacher in the World out of 800,000 fellow colleagues.


Tom Jacobs –Evolutionary Astrologer

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel. Based in Tucson, his full-time practice of consultations, coaching, tutoring, and energy work sessions reaches clients all over the world. The author or channel of 16 books on astrology and metaphysics, Tom’s a Level II graduate of evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest’s Apprentice program (member since 2004) and has worked closely with Ascended Master Djehuty/Thoth/St. Germain/Merlin and Archangel Metatron for over a decade. Tom offers an in-depth monthly forecasting service as well as energetically programmed crystals and stones for you to empower yourself using the vibrations of Djehuty and Metatron. Read more at


Christine Salomon is a long time experienced, compassionate and skilled Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher of Traditional Usui & Rainbow Reiki, and an Intuitive Life Coach.  When offering her customized treatment sessions she is able to combine therapeutic ortho massage, advanced energy work, as well as Crystal therapy and Angel or Chakra oracle card interpretations.
Throughout her professional career she has enjoyed being a pioneer of energy work…ahead of her time. She was an active Licensed and Certified therapist applying Reiki and massage treatments in Traditional Medical settings including Physical Therapy centers, medical ortho clinics, and visits to hospitals,
Ultimately opening her business of “Namaste” Lightwork. she has been able to continue introducing the many benefits of holistic / alternative healing with Advanced Reiki energy work, reflexology, acupressure, aura brushing, chakra cleansing, balancing, and reinforcement with precise myofascial massage.  Clients enjoy the crystal grids and oracle cards also.
The unique blend of attention to the individual’s physical, energetic and emotional “human” body, and her optimistic focus and attention has allowed Christine to assist individuals through every day life situations as well as their speedier recovery from surgical procedures, physical / emotional trauma, daily stress, neuropathies, and reactions to cancer treatment,         *She speaks both English and Spanish.*    Cell: (315) 391-9181    website:


Raised in Colorado Springs, CO, Sara moved to San Diego in 2005, and discovered her intuitive,spiritual connection through yoga shortly after. In September of 2015, she sold everything to travel and continue learning and sharing her gifts as a healer and teacher. She is a Certified Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Integrative Healer(using Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils, Tarot, Intuition), and Transformational/Spiritual Mentor. Her personal transformation through an intense healing program led her to become a Certified Healing from Within Mentor so that she can share with others the gifts that have been given to her. Always guided by her strong intuition, Sara knows that teaching and healing work are her true passions and life’s calling. The road she has traveled as well as her own healing work, solidifies this calling. She exudes very strong, loving energy and has a deep connection with the spiritual world and nature. She loves to practice and teach all limbs/branches of yoga, especially meditation.


Daphne is a spiritual being embracing this human experience. Her connection to Spirit raises the vibration of consciousness. This path allows her to love herself and others in a way that helps lift vibration to empower us all. She is also a Spiritualist and involved in missionary work.

As a psychic medium, she allows herself to be guided by Spirit in order to bring through what you most need! She believes that this communication is vital to improving our daily lives and our future as individuals and a collective. Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and skills she has acquired, Source and Spirit work through her to assist you in effecting a lasting change. She has dedicated her life to demystifying the mystical and assisting you in living the happiest life you can possibly create!

Because this journey called life is totally set up in your favor.